Making ORCID Work for All: Evaluating Graduate Student ORCID iD and Scopus ID Usage and Citation Results for Administrative Reporting




Scott, Jane
Crossno, Jon

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PURPOSE: The purpose was to evaluate the current efficacy of ORCID iDs in Scopus by comparing citation information from ORCID and Scopus ID records SETTING/PARTICIPANTS/RESOURCES: Spreadsheet of current and recently matriculated graduate students (626) from our institution for citation count report. METHODOLOGY: Analysis and compilation of Scopus and ORCID author and citation search results, as well as existing linked ORCID iDs from campus database. RESULTS/OUTCOMES: 1. 17.5% (109) of students have a reliable, ORCID iD primary source for current citation(s), greater or equal to Scopus results 2. At least 88% (443) have active Scopus ID records (includes 96 from Question #1 with "equal to Scopus" designation) 3. 10% (62) have no citations to report (no Scopus ID and blank/ no ORCID account) 4. 17% (106) had multiple Scopus ID matches and ORCID name matches, requiring further clarification 5. 36% (227) of students had ORCID accounts registered with the institution 6. 31% (195) of students had distinct name matches/information with ORCID accounts not registered with the institution DISCUSSION/CONCLUSION: Only 9% of graduate students have an active ORCID record that campus Information Resources (I.R.) could pull current citation information from. At least 88% of graduate students have Scopus IDs that could be pulled by I.R. Therefore, Scopus IDs are currently more reliable for obtaining citation information for reporting with author order. Whereas some non-Scopus APIs in ORCID provide helpful month publication date data. Educational materials/training on various ID linking practices in databases and using APIs within ORCID is recommended.

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Report the on the findings of comparing citation information publicly available from ORCID and Scopus ID records of UT Southwestern graduate students and postdocs.

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Scott, J., & Crossno, J. (2019, October). Making ORCID work for all: evaluating graduate student ORCID iD and Scopus ID usage and citation results for administrative reporting. Paper presented at the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, Oklahoma City, OK. Retrieved from

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