Strategic Planning Using an Intranet to Facilitate Participation and Communication




Wayne, Richard

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This electronic demonstration visually describes how a library's Web-based Intranet was used to involve library staff in its strategic planning process. The UT Southwestern Medical Center Library is a large academic medical library with an extensive investment in networked technologies for staff and customer use. The Library's Intranet was used for presentation, documentation, and discussion in all phases of the strategic planning process. The organic growth of the strategic planning Intranet resource is demonstrated by displaying how Web pages were used as building blocks. The related Web pages served as shared reference points for staff members from different parts of the library and different work shifts. Using the Intranet, staff members could be as involved as they wished to be with the development of the strategic plan. During a three month process, the staff contributed numerous documents and frequently accessed strategic planning Intranet resources. This demonstration highlights the fundamental components, functionality, and content that are necessary in an effective strategic planning Intranet resource.

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Wayne, R. (1997, May). Strategic planning using an intranet to facilitate participation and communication. Poster session presented at the meeting of the Medical Library Association, Seattle, WA. Retrieved from

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